Sunday, April 19, 2009

Madonna Falls of Horse

Madonna Injured After Falling From Horse

by Paul Cashmere - April 19 2009

Paparazzi are to blame for Madonna falling from a horse today.

The material girl was horse-riding in the Hamptons when paparazzi jumped from the bushes and scared the horse.

She has received minor injuries and bruises but was taken to nearby Southhampton hospital for treatment.

Madonna and toy-boyfriend Jesus Luz were staying at the home of friend, celebrity photographer Steven Klein. The accident occurred on Klein’s property. Luz watched as she fell to the ground.

In 2005, Madonna broke three ribs, her hand and collarbone when she slipped off her saddle in another incident.

(These paparazzi really need to cut the crap out, she could have been seriously hurt here!!)

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