Thursday, June 26, 2008

Madonna/Guy No Prenup

Madonna Didn't Have A Prenup

by Paul Cashmere - June 26 2008

The Madonna / Guy Ritchie divorce is going to hurt the pop star. The word is that Madonna and Guy Ritchie do not have a prenuptial agreement.

Under UK law, the general rule is that in divorce, the assets are split 50/50.

This is indeed going to be costly for the material girl.

Madonna's is estimated to be worth more than $600 million dollars. Guy, while successful, is not worth anything near that figure.

The Ritchie's' divorce will be a major lottery win for Guy, no matter what happens.

The couple married 7 years ago.

This week, Madonna is reported to have hired Fiona Shackleton to represent her in the divorce.

Shackleton was the one who made sure Heather Mills didn't have a leg to stand on after her divorce with Paul McCartney.

Shackleton also represented Prince Charles in his divorce from Diana.

( So the rumours were true that there was trouble in the Ritchie family. Another marriage bites the dust, sad but things happen.)


edson_dias said...

perhaps she had a pre-nup

Chet Of The Undead said...

Cha-ching cha-CHIIIING!! (well for Guy RICHIE Ritchie anyway! ;) )

This is now reason # 527/B of why I plan to never get married...



Vee said...

Nah said she didnt have a pre-nup so means loads and loads for Ritchie (Guy)! Though you bet Madonna will fight his arse!

Vee said...

LOL hey Undead if you do marry DO get a pre-nup. I'm really rather surprised that Madonna didn't get one though, she's always been quite smart about things she does with her money and she mustve known that maybe just maybe she might not want to hang out with Guy like forever!

edson_dias said...

This will make Paul Mccartney smile. Guy's get back at the Gal's. :-) But seriously, I dont understand why people get married. Too many kids grow up reading fairy tales.

Vee said...

Well you know it's the romance of it all at first the storybook wedding the prince and the princess, but yeh agreed best to just shack up sometimes instead so when things get shitty you can just go your own way. Face it things just dont stay rosey. Once kids enter the picture though it becomes harder to just go seperate ways unless it's just really really bad in the relationship. But this now gets me thinking what about that baby she adopted was his name David or something like that does he stay with Madonna or what happens to the kids in all this I assume they all go with Madonna?

edson_dias said...

Oh yeah.. I didnt think about the adopted kid. It's all too complicating. I've never been married.. never faced this problem. Been in love many times, but whoever i've been in a relationship with has always been like me.. we never thought we needed a certificate to prove we are together. Breaking up even in our cases have been difficult but eventually we have to learn to let go. Accept it & move onas civilized people.. have you ever been married?