Tuesday, June 03, 2008

David Gilmour To Perform Atom Heart Mother

David Gilmour To Perform Atom Heart Mother Suite

by Paul Cashmere - June 3 2008

David Gilmour has accepted an invitation to perform the Atom Heart Mother Suite in London later this month.

Ron Geesin, who composed the original piece with Gilmour, Nick Mason, Roger Waters and Rick Wright, will stage the performance with a 10-piece brass ensemble from the Royal College of Music, a 40-piece choir and Italian band Mun Floyd, at Cadogan Hall in London on June 14 and 15.

Pink Floyd released 'Atom Heart Mother' in 1970. The album was engineered by Alan Parsons and reached number one on the UK chart.

The cover of the album was a cover in a paddock with no text.

The 'Atom Heart Mother Suite' took up side one of the album.

While Gilmour is happy to perform the piece, Roger Waters called it a "pompous" in a 1984 interview. It said it should be "thrown into the dustbin and never listened to by anyone ever again!"

In a 1994 interview, even Gilmour bagged the album, calling it "pretty horrible". He said in 2001 that it "was a good thing to have attempted, but I don't really think the attempt comes off that well".

Floyd's Nick Mason said, "it's an averagely recorded album but a very interesting idea".

A year after Floyd released 'Atom Heart Mother', they released 'Dark Side Of The Moon'.

{ Well I don't care what they think of the album I happen to really like Atom Heart Mother. Yeh think the horns/brass on the song they could have done without. }

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