Friday, May 30, 2008

Patti Smith Doco To Get Theatrical Release

Patti Smith Doco To Get Theatrical Release

by Tim Cashmere - May 30 2008

A documentary that chronicles eleven years of Patti Smith's life (from '96 – '07) will get a theatrical release later this year in the United States.

The film, 'Dream of Life' was directed by Steven Sebring and features interviews with composer Phillip Glass and playwright Sam Shepard.

It follows Smith around live gigs, at her home, hanging out with her parents and just generally existing.

New Yorkers can check out the film at the New York Film Forum from August 6 – 19, and the rest of the country (but no word on the world, yet) can see it in September.

A DVD release is mooted for 2009.

{(Pretty cool, I was lucky to have met Patti Smith in NYC in 1978. She was just like in her photos slim skinny pale and high as a kite, and of course very COOL... those were the days :)}

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