Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Robert Plant Rants

VETERAN LED ZEPPELIN rocker ROBERT PLANT doesn’t have a Whole Lotta Love for all this new music nonsense.

And the grumpy singer made his feelings well known in a bar in Camden, North London, last week.

Chilis ... like 'nursery rhymes'

Wrinkly Robert showed his age with the rant at two of the world’s biggest bands as they were played over the stereo at Fifty Five Bar.

He rubbished RADIOHEAD and the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS — and then demanded to hear weirdo rocker CAPTAIN BEEFHEART instead.

A source said: “He was drinking with a woman and didn’t like the choice of tunes playing.

“Radiohead was on and he started complaining. He said, ‘What’s this rhyming c**p?’

Strange ... Captain Beefheart

“The staff were obviously keen to please him so they changed the music. They put on the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who they thought might be more up his street. But he didn’t like their stuff either and said it was like a ‘nursery rhyme.’

“He then said he wanted to listen to Captain Beefheart.”

Led Zep’s brilliant reunion at London O2 Arena last year won them a new generation of fans.

I was gutted when I had to miss it to watch the SPICE GIRLS launch their tour in America. But it seems Robert doesn’t have much time for modern-day musical heroes.

Okay, so he might not like po-faced Radiohead and I don’t think they and Led Zep have much in common.

The 1970s rockers travelled the world in their fuel-guzzling jet — while THOM YORKE’s lot would probably prefer transport fuelled by recycled teabags.

But comparing Chili tracks to nursery rhymes? Has old Percy finally lost the plot?

Radiohead ... not good enough

You’re unlikely to hear Beefheart — AKA DON VAN VLIET — in your average bar. He wrote strange songs with odd timings and surreal lyrics.

His best-known album was 1969’s Trout Mask Replica, considered a masterpiece by fans.

He recorded with his Magic Band and also collaborated with fellow oddball FRANK ZAPPA.

But if Radiohead and ANTHONY KIEDIS and the Chilis, are c**p, I would hate to hear what Robert has to say about most of the rest of the current chart. He obviously judges everyone by his own band’s high standards.

source added: “Radiohead and the Chilis are two of the biggest and best groups in the world. But it seems they don’t compare to Beefheart in Plant’s mind.”


(Go Robert :) glad to hear him speak his mind! He's right on about the sad state of todays music. We need artists that can weave good poetry into their lyrics and showcase those words against a beautiful backdrop of interesting musical instruments.)


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Captain Beefheart:

Howlin' Wolf on acid.