Saturday, June 10, 2006

Debbie & Blondie In The Flesh 6-7-06 Boston

Like everyone else that went to Boston that night I was soakin wet, but nothing was gonna stop me from seeing Debbie and the boys! Last I saw them was in 2003 at a free show in Boston when they were getting ready to tour for "Curse of Blondie"

The band opened up with Call Me and then Debbie struts onto the stage and starts singing. She sounded and looked mighty fine. She was in great spirit and was touched that so many of us ventured out just to see them. The band had great sound, you can tell that they all gell together as a unit. Debbie was dressed in a neon green silky scarf with matching long sleeve top in green and over the top was a slip dress in sequins and over that was a bolero black sweater with jogging pants. One of her more creative outfits due to the coolness of the night. She radiated and sparkled with the stage lights.

Loved the backdrop they used in their set at the Pavillion, a cool city scape view with twinkling lights for windows on the skyscrappers and the band playing in front of it just was too cool, but what else can you expect from Blondie.

Highlites for me were Screaming Skin (one of my fave songs) Rifle Range (treat for the hardcore fans ) Picture this, In The Flesh, Rapture, Hanging On The Telephone. The crowd really went wild with One Way Or Another.

By the end of their set everyone was on their feet, dancing and having a grand time even with the driving cold rain.

Encore was Paint it Black and Heart of Glass

I really wish it would have been Blondie the headliner and wish that they had a longer set list. All in all wet and cold her show left us all sooooo HOT!!!

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Anonymous said...

Great review! I can "feel" at the site. So who was the headliner? Sounds great that you were HOT even though the night was cold and wet!!

Vee said...

Forgot to mention that it was The New Cars with Todd Rundgren that was the headliner. We stayed long enough (3 songs) before we headed on out of the venue. I was there for Blondie :)