Monday, May 01, 2006

Keith Richards Fall

Keith Richards is recovering from a concussion after falling out of a tree in Fiji last week. Richards was climbing the tree while on vacation and he was taken to a New Zealand hospital after his fall. Fans gathered outside the hospital on Sunday, and New Zealand's TV3 reported that Richards' wife Patti was seen carrying clothes into the hospital while a security guard carried in three guitar cases.

I think once you get to be around Keith Richards' age you really have to watch what you do. I mean what was he doing climbing that tree anyhow. He should be lounging with a drink in hand, not playing around in some tree like tarzan. Hope he recovers from his fall and his head is fine.


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Vee said...

So the coconut that hit Keith Richards in the head is now on Ebay, going for 100 bucks, anyone care to make a bid, LOL!