Sunday, April 02, 2006

Riders on the Storm

Riders on the Storm

Dread ripples through me as I listen to a phone message from our manager saying that we (The Doors) have another offer of huge amounts of money if we would just allow one of our songs to be used as the background for a commercial. They don't give up! I guess it's hard to imagine that everybody doesn't have a price. Maybe 'cause, as the cement heads try to pave the entire world, they're paving their inner world as well. No imagination left upstairs.

Article by John Densmore of The Doors. On why The Doors songs have not been used in commercials.

Personally I don't mind bands lending their songs for commercials so long as the artist has control over what product their song is used for. I also like when video games or movies include songs, that is how my son has found classic songs that he enjoys, thus wanting to know more about the artist that created the music. so it's not always a bad thing to have rock music in products or other formats.

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FlighBiNite said...

I agree. Having music used as either advertisment or in movies is a very nice way to hear music that you may not even know existed. I like to check through the credits to find out about songs that I hear in movies, of which I would never know nothing about, if that vehicle were not used!