Saturday, April 15, 2006

Madonna reveals 'Confessions' tour dates

Madonna reveals 'Confessions' tour dates

The veteran performer kicks things off May 21 in the Los Angeles area and is so far scheduled to makes stops at arenas in about a dozen cities, including Chicago, Boston, San Jose, the Phoenix area, Fresno, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Atlantic City, Miami, Montreal and New York.

And she's selling out all over the place again! I've never been to a Madonna show, I know the shows are very theatrical in nature. Real big productions. Madonna nearing 50, wonder if she'll be ala Deborah Harry which still tours at age 60. Wonder who's the oldest star out there touring these days.


G-Lock said...

Best. Performer. Ever.

flighbinite said...

Good question! I think some of the Rolling Stones are older than Deborah Harry.

Madonna is a GREAT performer.

"Best. Performer. Ever." That depends on what kind of performance is meant. Clearly in dance etc. she has to rank up there, but I know of other performers in different genre's that I would consider great too!

Vee said...

No doubt about it that Madonna puts on a great show and is a professional performer. With Madonna she is always making some kind of statement. What will this tour reveal? I must confess since this is the confessions' tour :), that I have not kept up with Madonna, though I was a wanna be back in the heyday and was a fan but somehow did not keep my fandom with Madonna. I lost touch with her (however did buy 'Ray of Light' which in my opinion is one of her best albums). I will always admire her as a performer and a business woman and glad that she still gives her all to her fans.