Saturday, April 15, 2006

Gilmour Shines On...

Used with permission by fellow Floyd fan:
I arrived in NY during a snowstorm in the morning
and the city looked really great. Met some friends at
our hotel. After checking in we took the subway
around the city for some site-seeing. Around 5pm we
met at our hotel, which was in walking distance of the
Hall. We relaxed a while and did some partying, then
headed out.
There were absolutely no tickets avaialble from
scalpers at the Hall - none. Just loads of desperate
looking folks asking to buy. First time I had seen
that at any type of event in a long time.
We went in and enjoyed some drinks in the lobby
while talking with other fans about past shows and
such. At 8pm the show started. As the lights came on
there was a very nice wall of smoke blowing from
bottom to top of the stage and Dave emerged out of the
middle of it and began the show, starting off with the
new album and "Castellorizon." After finishing, Dave
addressed the crowd, and (like the last Floyd tour),
said the format would be "some of the songs from the
new album in the first half of the show, actually, ALL
of the songs from the new album in the first half. And
in the second part of the show, we'll do some songs
that some of you may be more..... familiar with."
Dave had some of his long time bandmates with him,
including Guy Pratt on bass and Jon Carin playing
keyboards along with Rick Wright. There were some
great moments in the first half, especially Dave and
Rick alone together doing "Red Sky at Night." Dave was
on sax and bathed in a deep magenta light and Rick
Wright in a white light, highlighting his puffy white
shirt. Long time Floyd sax man Dick Perry also made
his first appearance and the band slowly eased its way
into a loose and jazzy instrumental version of "Us and
Them, before getting back to the new album.
The band was bare bones compared to Floyd shows
but it didn't matter. Without all the extra
instruments and personnel, the sound was much more
jazz and blues like than a Floyd show and it worked
very well. No female back-up singers. Just Graham Nash
and David Crosby! Very nice lighting and lots of
smoke. Lasers did not kick in until 3/4 in to the
Everyone couldn't wait for the second act and
nobody was disppointed.
In the darkness came the first strains of "Shine
On You Crazy Diamond," and of course, the crowd
started roaring. After that piece Dave addressed the
crowd and said the next tune was an oldie and might be
a bit "obscure" for some of you. That was the cue for
"Uh....Wots The Deal," from Obscured by Clouds.
Next, Rick Wright and Dick Perry made their fist
highlighted appearances in a tune as the band did
"Wearing the Inside Out." Most of the time, the rest
of the band was in darkness while those two played.
Then came "Coming Back To Life," "Breathe," and
"Time." For a moment people were wondering if a Dark
Side line-up was coming. But then came "High Hopes."
After this came what for many was the highlight of
the show (it certainly was for me). A damn-near 30
minute jam of "Echoes," complete with the first
appearance of lasers and full blown lighting effects.
It was really incredible.
As the show wound down, Dave got his instrumental
guitar and did "Wish you Were Here" as the crowd
joined in singing.
We were then given a very nice encore as the band
did the classic Crosby, Stills and Nash tune "Find the
Cost of Freedom."
For one last treat, the band did "Comfortably
Numb," and the crowd sang along with that one, too.
We got out at about 11, hit a jazz club, had a
late dinner at a cafe, and went back to the hotel.
Very nice evening.

Russ Blomstedt (mas tequila)

Thanks for letting me post this review, wish I could
have been there!

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