Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Songs in Ads, Still Rock & Roll

Songs in Ads, It�s Still Rock and Roll to Me

Senior Editor Kenneth Hein spoke to this unabashed metal fan about the interweaving of music that was once considered rebellious and blue chip brand advertising, why it has happened and what it means to our country’s culture at large.

Isn’t it strange to hear metal bands in mainstream advertising??
I’d much rather hear Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and Aerosmith on television than hear some sort of canned music that I have no relationship with whatsoever. I don’t like advertising. I have a DVR. The only time I watch commercials is during sports. The fact that I’m watching sports and I’m watching a commercial with an AC/DC song in it, if that’s the commercial I have to see, if I can’t avoid occasionally being told to buy shoes I would much rather have the commercial involve rock music. You don’t need a degree in aesthetics to realize that just because they’re using an AC/DC song in a commercial, AC/DC isn’t really advocating these shoes. They were paid X amount of dollars so someone could design a commercial. If people are upset by this, this is how they need to look at it: A lot of time people love a book and then the movie comes out and a lot of things are changed and they say that movie ruined this book. What they need to realize is the book is still on their shelf. All of these things are autonomous creations. Zeppelin’s song “Rock and roll” is in some car ad, I’m not even sure what it is. I’ve seen the commercial a bunch of times now. When I see it I think to myself maybe I should play Led Zeppelin IV you know? It hasn’t changed my relationship with Zeppelin. It’s kind of strange. Consumers have taught themselves how to avoid advertising when it’s right in front of them. Like the Zeppelin ad for example, I can picture the ad in my mind. I can hear the song. I think it debuted during the Super Bowl a couple of years ago. It’s very clear to me, but I couldn’t remember the product. I remembered the Nike and AC/DC immediately because it was more stylized and I think they put Tom Brady in there or whatever.

Gotta agree with this, I much rather hear songs that rock than some sappy tune on ads.

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