Thursday, March 23, 2006

Rob Zombie Interview

Q & A with Rob Zombie

Imagine SpongeBob SquarePants beset by strippers, and you might have an idea what's coming next from the mind Rob Zombie.
The heavy-metal shock rocker has found new fame as the writer-director of slasher films, but Zombie is returning to music with a new album, "Educated Horses." Zombie took a break from tour rehearsals to talk to The Associated Press.

AP: Is this album going to be remarkably different from your past work?

Zombie: There are a lot of things on this record that are very different sonically, in a lot of ways. ... Past records have incorporated a lot of technology and computer programming and different sort of techno-y, industrial aspects none of that's present on this record. This whole record is very much, like, four people playing live.

AP: Sort of a back-to-basics approach?

Zombie: It was sort of that way this summer on Ozzfest, too. I usually take out this giant, insane stage show, and I didn't take anything. Zero. I mean, we literally would just walk on stage, on a blank stage in the bright sunlight, and play. Because, I thought that was the only way to start new again. I felt the music and the stage show and everything had become so extreme that it sort of wasn't even like a band anymore. It was this monstrous Broadway show. You know, kind of like when you go see a movie and there's so much computer effects that you feel like, 'I'm not really watching a movie anymore, I'm watching a video game.'

AP: Is either the music or the movies a side project now, or are they both sort of equal?

Zombie: They're both pretty equal at this point. With the first movie it was like the weird, little project and the music was the big thing, but now the movies have sort of caught up and it's sort of like 50-50 as far as what's happening. So I sort of have to do one, stop, and then do the other. There's no way to really juggle both. It's impossible, actually.

AP: What's your upcoming animated film 'The Haunted World of El Superbeasto' going to be about?

Zombie: It's a comedy, it's sort of a dark comedy for adults. El Superbeasto is a washed-up Mexican wrestler. Basically, in a nutshell, it's Austin Powers meets The Munsters. If that was rated X.

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