Friday, March 03, 2006

Holy Shit It's Robert Plant/Zep Aerial

style council: Holy Shit It's Robert Plant

The aerial ballet Robert and Jimmy were checking out is Led ZAerial "an elaborate trapeze and aerialist tribute to the songs of Led Zeppelin". They saw them at an 'industry showcase' at the Key Club today. Here's some more info:

"The show runs about 50 minutes, and includes trapeze, rope, fabric, ballet and hand balancing numbers. These numbers are presented to the original music from recordings of our favorite Led Zeppelin songs. There are also 2 live music numbers, performed by 2 acoustic musicians, who present their own interpretations of the songs."

Now flyin...Led Zeppelin :) trapeze acts do their thing to the tune of Zeppelin, wonder which tunes they'll actually use. Seems like everything these days wants to incoporate a bit of the Zep in it, must be that Zep Magic :)

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