Sunday, March 26, 2006

Get The Led Out Show--Plymouth MA

I finally got a chance to catch a Led Zeppelin tribute band last night at the Plymouth Memorial Hall! In a word the show was fantastic. The crowd was into it, we rocked! It was a fun night the vibe/air was charged with positive support for this band. The place was quite full of Zepheads. T-shirts that I spotted, yeah me the tee girl has to look around at the tees :) there were Zep ones of course, Floyd, Ramones, Grateful Dead, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Bob Marley, Red Hot Chili Peppers. Crowd was all ages from kids to older peeps, all loving classic rock.

At first I didn't know what to expect since Robert Plant has a vocal style that is really hard to match, there is no one quite like Robert Plant. The vocalist of the band "Get the Led Out" did a magnificent job in my opinion. He surprised me in that he really can belt it out and has quite a nice range. His stage presence is very Plantish ;) minus the golden locks, though he has nice dark curly locks and me being a Planty girl def approved.

Guitar player/Jimmy did an excellent job on the guitar all with bow and theramin (sp?) to round out the guitar sound they had a 2nd guitar player. I always have thought that Led Zeppelin should have had an extra guitar player for the live shows just so they could produce the multiple guitar sound that Jimmy did on the albums.

Bass man was all showman ship :) he was fun to watch and did a great job with his bass. At the end of the show he threw his bass up in the air and caught it, thank goodness, LOL.

The drummer was outstanding, wonderful Moby Dick solo. Those drums were LOUD and BIG sounding!!

The band was really having a blast up there you could tell they really love what they do.

The fans were having a grand time throwing beach balls. There was a time when there was 3 beachballs bouncing all over the place, even on the stage. The band got in on the action by throwing the ball and kicking it back into the crowd.

They covered songs from all the albums Zep 1 to Presence. In the Evening, Babe I'm gonna leave you, How many more times, Moby Dick, Heartbreaker, Black Dog, Misty Mtn. Hop, Rock and Roll, Since I've been Loving You, Dazed and Confused, Immigrant Song, Hey Hey What can I Do, Achilles Last Stand, Thank You, Ten Years Gone, The Song Remains the Same, Custard Pie, Wanton Song and medleys of a few songs (not in that order). They probably did more but can't remember now. They did a 2 song encore...Stairway to Heaven and Whole Lotta Love, great ending to a great show. Hope these boys rock us again sometime in the near future!

At the end of the show they had a greet and meet. I met the singer and the 2nd guitarist both very friendly and nice and of course cool.

If this band plays anywhre near you, do yourself a favor and catch their show you will be delighted you did!


Anonymous said...

Hey V,
Thanks for the review of Get The Led Out! I am looking forward to seeing them someday! I too always check out the t's at concerts. It's always interesting to see the various ways ppl express themselves. Sounds like you had a blast! Thanks for always sharing and caring! Zeppland

flighbinite said...

Well, looks like you should do some freelance reviewing!!! Nice job on ther expressing your experience!

One of the things I like about going to see older classic rock groups (or tribute bands) is that you usually get to see a lot of hip people of many age groups all combining into one!

Nice list of tees! I'm a fan of all!

Vee said...

Zeppland thanks for stopping by my blog...ooh yeah, I sure did have a blast :) It was a real treat because I've never heard Zeppelin in a live format, so it was special to me.

Vee said...

Hey Flighbinite...thanks for the compliments. That's just how it happened.

Bert Rodia said...

Just found ur Blog and I was blown away because I too was at the GTLO show. This is the third time I saw these guys and quite frankly, one of the best Zep tributes I have ever seen........ever!!! What's cool about them is they don't try looking like Zep like the other bands do, but they have this superstar attitute and presents that make you think they are the real thing. Thanks to these guys, the best rock lives on by one of the best bands.......ever!!!

Vee said...

Hey Bert, I want more!! LOL, can't wait for them to come back to MA, hopefully same venue! Where are you from? Were you at the greet and meet. I met 2 of them, the lead singer and their guitar/keyboard player. This was my 1st time seeing them and I'm very impressed with them :)