Sunday, March 12, 2006

Classic rock fans grow younger

Summit Daily News for Breckenridge, Keystone, Copper and Frisco Colorado - Arts and Entertainment

What is it about classic rockers like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and The Doors that continues to draw in new generations of loyal fans?

Is it a lack of substance in today's music?

Top Grossing Bands

The following is a list of the top all-time, best-selling bands, based on U.S. album sales (in millions):

1. The Beatles 163.5
2. Led Zeppelin 103.5
3. Eagles 83.5
4. Pink Floyd 68.5
5. AC/DC 63.0
6. Aerosmith 59.5
7. The Rolling Stones 53.5
8. Van Halen 50.5
9. Metallica 48.0
10. Fleetwood Mac 46.0

- Recording Industry Association of America

They got that right, lack of substance in todays music is why Classic Rock still reigns today and is still relevant and timeless.

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