Thursday, February 16, 2006

Waters To Do Dark Side

Drowned in Sound - News - No Floyd, but Waters will do Dark Side at Roskilde

Roger Waters will be doing the classic Dark Side of the Moon at Roskilde Festival.

So this is what we get...Gilmour don't want a big Floyd to do, Roger don't want Gilmour to get the limelight. Rog says Dave won't do it, so I will give the fanatics something to talk about. What we really, really want is all 4 to do it. Can't you guys do it for us just one last time?


Anonymous said...

It would be nice for them to reunite, even if just for one "last" performance. This is the point in time in which they should get together. Later on it may be "too late."

The Beatles had plenty of chances to get together, and sadly that never took place.

Pink Floyd fans will be lamenting the lost opportunity of a reunion if they can't put aside whatever differences are keeping them apart.

At one time they were together. Somehow the pieces of the puzzle can be restored!

Vee said...

How right you are!