Thursday, February 23, 2006

Guns n' Roses New Album

Guns N' Roses--will release a new album this year. At
least that is what Axl Rose told Rolling Stone at
KoRn's party on Friday the 13th where they announced
their upcoming tour. "People will hear music this
year," Axl told the magazine. "It's a very complex
record. I'm trying to do something different. Some of
the arrangements are kind of like Queen. Some people
are going to say, 'It doesn't sound like Axl Rose, it
doesn't sound like Guns N' Roses.' But you'll like at
least a few songs on there." Axl also said the band is
working on 32 songs for Chinese Democracy, 26 of which
are done. Only 13 will make the final cut. In related
news, Slash recently told WMMR/Philadelphia's Matt
Cord that he heard Chinese Democracy will drop in
March, though he has not spoken to Axl directly in

So this is coming soon if we are to believe Axl this time.

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