Monday, February 06, 2006

Guitars Are HOT!

Guitars Of The Stars -

Just how important are guitars to the rock 'n' roll image? "Incredibly important," says Michael Molenda, editor in chief of Guitar Player magazine. "When rock 'n' roll was young in the 1950s and '60s, performers gravitated to whatever they could borrow or afford. But when the music hit its stride, just the fact that guys like Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck and Richie Blackmore held certain guitars made them iconic."

Of course, just because you own a white Stratocaster doesn't mean you're going to jam like Jimi Hendrix--even if you string it in reverse and play it left-handed. "There's an old adage that a lot of the talent comes through the fingers," adds Molenda. "A guitarist is going to sound like himself whether he's playing on his own equipment or on yours."

"A guitar is an extension of the hands--not too dissimilar from what a conductor has with a baton. That's such a significant service that, once you've shared that transforming experience on stage, you can't help but develop a personal relationship with your guitar."

Gotta agree with all this, guitars are what makes ROCK HOT!! Add a little bass, drums and some keyboards and you got it going on.

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