Thursday, January 26, 2006

Just In Exotic Tops & More!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas!

New to our catalog are some girls exotic print tops. Great for this spring and summer!

Cool Tops:

Napal Halter Top
Batik String Top
Indian Print Babydoll


Horoscope Love Match Bracelet
Black Stone Toggle Bracelet
black Ribbon 16" Necklace for pendants

Also just in some patches:

Ozzy Toon Finger
Slayer Logo
Zeppelin color Swan Song Runes
Judas Priest Razor
Skull Crossbones
Dragon Fly
Grateful Dead Bear


System of a Down Target
Incubus Circles
AC/DC Cannon
Black Sabbath Purple Logo
Queen Band
Ozzy Ssh


Green Day
Kurt Cobain
Misfits Logo
Iron Cross
Brit Flag
Yin Yang
Pot Leaf
Red Skull
Pentagram Red
Doors Lizard King Button
Floyd WYWH Gear button


Ac/DC Metal Black Fitted
Aerosmith Red Fitted


Zeppelin Messenger Bag (back in stock)
Zeppelin Hermit Candle Tin
Zeppelin License Plate Frame
Zeppelin MP3 Player Case
Rolling Stones MP3 Player Case

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