Saturday, December 03, 2005

Bar-room Blitz Ex Creed Scott Stapp Vs. 311

Rock's New Feud: Scott Stapp Vs. 311

December 2, 2005

311 have confirmed rumors on their message board that members of the Omaha band got into a bar fight with ex-Creed frontman Scott Stapp on Thanksgiving night. The band had the day off from their tour in Baltimore, MD, and members Chad Sexton, S.A. Martinez and P-Nut were watching basketball in their hotel's lounge. Stapp entered the bar, already intoxicated, and drank a shot, then smashed the glass. After arguing with other bar patrons, Stapp insulted Martinez's wife. Sexton walked over to stop the argument, and was punched in the face by Stapp.

Martinez elaborated to Rolling Stone, saying "When Scott punched Chad, in the follow-through, he hit my wife so then I threw my punch. I think the last time I got into a fight was in the third grade, but it was an instant reaction on my part. P-Nut also came over and he got sucked into it, opening up a scar on his right arm from a recent surgery. Scott went down, and his girl came over and sat on him to get him to stop, but he got up, enraged, still wanting to fight. After about five minutes, hotel security finally broke it up and kicked him out. Honestly, the hotel was really at fault for not kicking him out when he threw the first shot glass."

Martinez is currently wearing a cast on his right hand. Sexton and Martinez told Rolling Stone that they had spoken to Stapp previous to the fight, and he had been perfectly civil to them. "He was telling us how he'd been to a show of ours in Florida, where he got up on stage, and that he was so thankful that we didn't kick him off," says the singer. "He just went on and on, like some drunk guy who wouldn't shut the fuck up, while we just wanted to watch the game."

Sexton wanted to set the record straight publicly, because "We're very positive people. We've preached positivity on every record we've made. We don't have altercations like this ever. And we even wish Scott well."

Stapp's woes continue, with another allegedly drunken escapade making the news. According to various reports, Stapp was intoxicated again at a taping of Spike TV's Casino Cinema on Tuesday (November 29) afternoon. The show is co-hosted by Howard Stern's girlfriend, Beth Ostrosky. The New York Daily News reports that Stapp cursed up a storm, slandered Bono and Dave Grohl, and insulted crew members. The show, highly edited, is still slated to air next Tuesday, December 6

This Creed guy needs to take a chill pill! Guess he feels like a loser without his band Creed.

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