Friday, November 18, 2005

Ozzy shows dark side of his moon

Ozzy Osbourne shows dark side of his moon at British awards - Yahoo! News

Wildman rocker Ozzy Osbourne stunned fans at the British Music Hall of Fame by flashing his bottom at startled onlookers in the hope of livening things up a bit.
The star was performing with his heavy metal band Black Sabbath to mark their induction.

Pink Floyd, The Who, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, The Kinks, Eurythmics, Aretha Franklin and Joy Division/New Order were also inducted.

Seeking to inject a bit of rock-and-roll mayhem, Osbourne told the assembled guests: "I've seen more life at a f---ing wake", before dropping his jeans and mooning the crowd.

The trick worked and guests at north London's Alexandra Palace -- including Osbourne's wife Sharon and children Jack and Kelly -- gave him a standing ovation.

Afterwards he reflected: "I thought they needed livening up a bit. That was a lot of fun."

Leave it to Ozzy to Moon the crowd, LOL!!

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