Monday, November 07, 2005

Goth Deco Tips

Dark decorating tips are dripping with ideas for the home


Dark decorating tips are dripping with ideas for the home
Monday, October 31, 2005


"Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities."

-- Voltaire

"At the end of the day, if in doubt, paint it black and slap a skull on it."

-- Voltaire

One of the Voltaires quoted above was an 18th-century writer/philosopher and the other is a modern-day artist giving tips on gothic homemaking. Sure, they're a zillion miles apart, but both are very relevant to today's world.

Enter "Paint It Black -- A Guide to Gothic Homemaking" ($15.95,Weiser Books, 102 pages), a trifle of a book released in August taking you through the necessary steps to turn your beige pad into a den of darkness and gloom (don't blame us if your landlord has a hissy fit once you've painted your place red). Among the best tips in the book is using cool drawers from old, discarded desks and vanities as shelving. Here's how that works: Voltaire recommends that you scavenge or scout for drawers from old, turfed furniture. Paint the outside black, the inside red, hang it on the wall and, voila!, you have a place to store your books, figurines, whatever. A whole wall full of mismatched drawers might look pretty cool.

Another easy-to-follow tip: bang some nails into a plain, wooden picture frame and spray paint the whole thing black. Now splatter some red paint on it and you have the Hell Raiser frame. Hardly stuff Martha Stewart would love ... although, there's a gothic Martha Stewart site ( ... who knew? Other, more refined designs are included, we just like the simple stuff.

Pretty much all bases are covered, including pimping your car, goth style, or, as the author puts it, "Would it kill you to have a vehicle to jump into that's at least half as pompous as you are?" If your answer to that is no, consider the following: Buy a black car (nothing too cutesy, like a VW Beetle), add goth band or anti-social bumper stickers (you can buy those at, ahem, Hot Topic) and vinyl spider web or goth decals. Integrate some bats, skulls and coffins for your inner decor -- hanging them off your rearview mirror, covering your steering wheel, etc. and you're pretty much there. You can go all the way and drive a hearse, but that's extreme and brutal for parallel parking in the city.

There also are instructions for flower arranging, cake decorating (?!?!), wall coverings and much more.


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I like the idea of a Goth car, I have a black Explorer, though mine has a Led Zeppelin sticker. Easy to transform it though, :) just add a Marilyn Manson sticker and the other Goth accessories and voila!

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