Thursday, November 03, 2005

A Beastie Boys Film & Disc

Beasties Ready Fan-Filmed Concert Flick, Best-Of Disc

November 2, 2005

Beastie Boys

A Beastie Boys concert film, titled Awesome: I F---in' Shot That, has been picked up by independent film distributor ThinkFilm, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The film was shot at the Rap trio's Madison Square Garden show in October of 2004, mainly by 50 fans with handheld cameras. A few friends of the band and two of the tour's high-quality cameras were also used to capture the concert, which was then assembled by Adam "MCA" Yauch and directed by his alter ego, Swiss video director Nathaniel Hornblower. The film has been submitted to the Sundance Festival, and will likely see a spring release.

"Preproduction was like three days," Yauch told the Hollywood Reporter. "Some kid put up video from his phone at eight frames a second," he said, and that inspired his low-res video/high-quality audio vision. None of the 50 cameras were lost to fans, Yauch said, "but granted, we took their driver's licenses."

In other Beasties news, they will release a one-disc "best-of" set, entitled Solid Gold Hits, next Tuesday, November 8.

Shot by fans, so you can technically say it's almost a bootleg :) should be exciting to watch.

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