Friday, October 07, 2005

Pearl Jam, Plant Get The Led Out In Chicago

Pearl Jam, Plant Get The Led Out In Chicago

A thousand dollars is a lot for a concert ticket, but Pearl Jam and special guest Robert Plant justified the price last night (Oct. 5) during an intimate benefit for Hurricane Katrina victims at Chicago's House of Blues.

Plant doesn't typically play venues this cozy, nor does he usually serve as an opening act, but he modestly submitted to both changes of pace for a strong 45-minute set composed mostly of songs from his new "Mighty Rearranger" album, plus Led Zeppelin classics such as "Black Dog" and "Four Sticks."

With only a passing mention of the event's purpose, Pearl Jam stuck mainly to a career ranging set ("Even Flow," "Better Man," "Corduroy," "Black," "Alive"), each song of which had the audience singing along in unison.

As the last date on its current tour, the band looked a little beat. But the fun was ratcheted up during the second encore, as "Given to Fly" segued into its melodic inspiration, Led Zeppelin's "Going to California," which Plant and two members of his band the Strange Sensation performed beautifully.

Plant then stayed on stage for a run through his past, with Pearl Jam as both accomplice and awed spectator. He and Vedder traded verses on Elvis Presley's "Little Sister" and the apt "Money (That's What I Want)" before offering a unique duet: Zeppelin's "Fool in the Rain," with Vedder and Plant sharing a lyric sheet since, shockingly, the latter had never it played in concert.

Following a gorgeous take on "Thank You," with Plant's voice in fine form, he and Pearl Jam returned for Neil Young's "Rockin' in the Free World," featuring a rare instance of Plant foregoing his frontman status by strapping on a guitar and playing along at Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready's side.

What a concert that must have been, Plant playing guitar!! I love both Pearl Jam and Robert Plant/Zeppelin..Chicago was sure lucky to get these artist together I'm sure everyone walked out estatic. Sure would love to hear "Fool in the Rain", wonder if this concert will be re-leased and the proceeds can also go to the hurricane victims.

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