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COB Are You Dead Yet? Review

Children Of Bodom – Are You Dead Yet? Review
Posted By Michael Melchor on 10.27.05

If you are, this should revive you pretty quickly.

To many Americans, the band’s name probably sounds like a sophomoric attempt at humor with an odd foreign spelling. But, to explain the name and give you an idea of what you’re in for, the truth couldn’t be further from the pun.

From The Encyclopedia:

The Lake Bodom murders is the popular name of a series of murders which happened in Finland in the year of 1961. Lake Bodom is a small Finnish lake, about 22 kilometres north of the Finnish capital, Helsinki.

On the night of June 4, 1961, four teenagers were camping on the shores of the Lake Bodom when - allegedly - an insane person murdered three of them in cold blood with a knife and wounded the fourth teenager. The lone survivor has lived a relatively normal life afterwards.

Some years later - between June 3 and 6 of 1972 (approximately the 11 year annversary) - a man announced that he was the Lake Bodom murderer. Police investigation proved that he couldn't be the murderer.

In early 2005, the Finnish National Bureau of Investigation has declared the case as solved. According to an official statement, Nils Gustafsson, the survivor, had an outburst of jealousy involving old feelings for one of the other teenagers, Irmeli Bjцrklund, who had been his girlfriend in the past. Irmeli was slowly and brutally killed, while the other teenagers were summarily executed. The outcome of case, as of yet, is unknown, since it has already gone "cold".

A perfect incident to name a Finnish heavy metal band after – and one that most of mainstream Finland has had a hard time with since. Many of their fans, though, have overlooked the controversy in lieu of CoB’s pummeling, melodic style.

The 411
Are You Dead Yet? is a rather capable metal album that may serve to expand Children Of Bodom’s audience to international levels once and for all. While the vocals contain very little melody, the rest of the sound, surprisingly, does – making for an excellent listen. This is an especially great record for Halloween, if for no other reason than the meaning behind the band’s name.

Very creepy indeed, but cool :)

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