Friday, October 14, 2005

Clapton Offered $5 Million!

Eric Clapton will reportedly collect $5 million for the rights to publish his autobiography. The New York Post says that Clapton sold his autobiography to Doubleday in the United States and the Century imprint in Britain in a world rights deal. Both imprints are owned by Random House, which is part of Bertelsmann. "We know Eric Clapton is intensely committed to this book," said a Doubleday spokesman, according to the Post. "He will address all the peaks and valleys of his life." The book will come out in spring of 2007, coinciding with a North American tour by Clapton and the release of a retrospective box set of his music.

Wow!! $5 million bucks?? should be an interesting read. The book I'd like to read is a Jimmy Page autobiography, there was a rumour he was working on one, but you know how it is with Page, he's always rumoured to be working on something or other and then it takes forever to see the light of day! A Robert Plant book would be very interesting to read as well :)

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