Saturday, August 20, 2005

Friday, August 19, 2005

Rock Baby Wear

We'll be trying our hand at the wee rockers. Lots of parents want cool rock tees for their infants and toddlers. So we will be adding little by little rock tees mostly for classic rock bands.

New to Mystic Rock:

Guns & Roses Logo Tee
The Who Target Band Tee

Zep Infant Swan Song Logo Onesie
Zep Toddler Swan Song Logo Tee

Mystic Rock

Monday, August 08, 2005

Rock T-Shirts-Rock Merchandise For Cool Rock Fans MysticRock.Net

Rock T-Shirts-Rock Merchandise For Cool Rock Fans MysticRock.Net

New Tees @ Mystic Rock:

Jimmy Page Tie Dye Tee
3 Doors Down Better Life
Sevendust Dragon
Metallica Metal Heads

Pink Floyd, lots of Floyd :)

The Dicator
Tie Dye Pin Prick
Wall Meadows
Roger Waters In the Flesh
Momentary Lapse
Prism Time
Welcome to the Machine

Girly Tee:

Doors Jim Blue Ringer

Led Zep Military Patch Beanie
Led Zep Runes Reversible Beanie
Metallica Logo Beanie
Linkin Park Asian Logo Beanie
Pink Floyd Dark Side Beanie

Nirvana Smiley Hoodie

To come in shortly:

Sublime Sun Tee
Mars Volta Tee
Journey Escape Tee
Nirvana Lights Out Tee

Nirvana Smile Beanie

Mystic Rock

Thursday, August 04, 2005



When Rita Pampanin visited her dentist, Michael Fox, the other day, she found herself face to face, chair by chair, molar to molar with Robert Plant, who, while enjoying a meal at Kokkari, had popped one of his dental crowns.

Imagine just never know where you'll run into Robert Plant :)