Friday, May 13, 2005

Robert Plants clothes then


Former LED ZEPPELIN frontman ROBERT PLANT has ridiculed the outfits he wore in the 1970s which elevated him to style icon status.

The STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN singer finds it impossible to take his early fashion choices seriously - in particular his former fondness for tiny patterned shirts left open to display his rippling torso.

He laughs, "My little blouses! I'm surprised anyone can take that seriously now. And no vest for five years. I could have caught my death!"

But he has no regrets about the years he spent sporting tight jeans and rubbishes the possibility they may have adversely affected his manhood.

He insists, "Things seem to be rolling along at a rapid pace so maybe they helped me. I never thought about the tight trousers being in any way suggestive or having any sexual connotations.

"We just liked those kind of clothes."

Oh and one of my favorite Plant tops would be that Cherries wrap thingy...oh yes he did look fine in those tops and jeans :) don't think any other guy comes close to looking that good!!

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