Friday, May 13, 2005

Robert Plant and the Strange Sensation: Mighty Rearranger Review

Music: Robert Plant and the Strange Sensation: Mighty Rearranger

Everything about Mighty Rearranger is strangely comforting, from it's unabashed grasp of Plant's past, both with Zep and as a solo artist, to it's embrace of synth riddled euphoria and the ever present Middle Eastern-meets-Far East mysticism cum Blues sense of rustic overtone. It's one of those albums that at first listen is a hit or miss property, but as the sounds soak in over time and Plant's unquestionably hypnotic caterwaul is allowed to burrow deeper into your cochlea, it becomes an inescapable entity that will reveal new and exciting bits of nuance with each repeated listen.

I'll have to agree with this in that on 1st listen I was like ????? I had expected more of the heavy side of Robert, but what I got was something altogether different, but with each listen I began having certain parts of the different songs stick in my head, so it's safe to say this is the kind of CD that grows on you!! Go and buy it you'll discover different depths to each song as they grow on you :) Good job Robert!!

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