Wednesday, May 25, 2005

My Mighty Rearranger Review on Amazon

Robert Plant..."The Mighty Rearranger" spread it all around, May 25, 2005

Upon first listen you will be taken aback if you were expecting straight forward rock n roll. What you get is a rich tapestry of woven pieces and nuances. What you don't realize is that a seed is planted in your mind. From then on you hear certain parts and pieces of the songs melody and as you hear the songs again the seed starts to grow. In the layers of the music, you hear the Zepplinesque sound fused with tribal earthy beats with techno electronica thrown in the mix to produce something truly unique. The listener gets transported through the rich textures. Images form, in ones mind, of landscapes of open wideness, heat, dust, sun, a desert. Images of the open frontier, where the cowboy would ride by day and in the evening build a campfire. There are western guitar sounds filtered with tribal exotic undertones. You can almost hear the call of the old blues fusing with the hypnotic tribal beat producing something totally new. Robert's voice front and center of the recording, makes things sound intimate. He sings from a soft whisper to the un-leasing of his famous monstrous wails. His lyrics are from the heart, having a mystical, magical quality. This CD is not for the headbanger, who wants screaming guitars and the usual let's rock lyrics, but for the listener who wants something unique and intriguing. Best Tracks:EnchanterAnother TribeShine it All AroundTin Pan ValleyAll the Kings HorsesLet The Four Winds BlowTakambaDancing in HeavenMighty Rearranger*hidden track after Brother Ray, Techno version of Shine it all Around* Vilma~

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