Monday, March 21, 2005

Old pros, fresh faces strut stuff at music fest

Old pros, fresh faces strut stuff at music fest

Plant, the keynote speaker, built a buzz for his first new album of original material in more than a decade, "Mighty Rearranger," in stores Tuesday, May 10.

His midnight-hour concert Friday featured the new keeper "Shine It All Around," a neopsychedelic song whose droning verses gave way to pummeling refrains. Plant and his five-piece Strange Sensation group reinvented such Led Zeppelin favorites as "Heartbreaker" and "Black Dog" with exotic twists, too.

The singer told attendees he has no interest in a Led Zeppelin reunion with guitarist Jimmy Page and bassist John Paul Jones. Drummer John Bonham died in 1980.

True to the band's spirit, his priority is exploring new sounds. "I don't think popular music can ever stand still," he said.

Plant wasn't the only veteran rocker seeking a fresh start among the young up-and-comers at SXSW.

Twenty-plus years after his "Rebel Yell" heyday, come-and-goner Billy Idol dropped by to promote a new CD, "Devil's Playground." It comes out Tuesday.

Whiplash smile intact, Idol held court at a tavern amid posters of bullfighters and cheerleaders. The father of two teens talked about toning down his rock 'n' roll lifestyle after he had children.

"Who's going to bring their kids around to play at Billy Idol's house [when] he's just on a crack binge?" Idol asked.

Guess with that quote from Robert there is no chance of any Zep reunion of any kind!

Billy Idol's quote about no kids coming to play at his house when doing crack is right on, good thing Billy cleaned up when his kids were born :) I'm looking forward to both Robert Plants album and Billy Idols :)

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