Thursday, February 03, 2005

U2 Uses Technology to Bust Scalpers -

U2 Uses Technology to Bust Scalpers -

U2 and concert promoters will be the only ones making boat loads of money off the upcoming Vertigo tour.

The band announced that it is taking action to identify and reclaim tickets bought via a fan-club early buy, then quickly marked up by scalpers on Internet auciton sites.

"A whole raft of ticket offers have already been taken down from online auction sites," the band's web site reports.

Looks like only U2 will be making the big bucks for this tour, as it should be. In the past I've bought tickets from scalpers and usually really good seats, don't do that much these days, as I try to just get tix online at ticketmaster. If a show is sold out though and you really want to get in, the scalper is your way in!

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