Sunday, February 13, 2005

Led Zeppelin honoured - NME.COM

Led Zeppelin honoured - NME.COM

Singer Robert Plant was unable to attend the party due to recording commitments but sent a video message, drawing criticism from Page.

"It wouldn't have taken much just to pop over here and meet everybody, would it really?" said the guitarist.

True Robert could have "popped" on a plane and been there, but maybe he thinks that his tour is more important to him because it's going to start in a few days and he needs to rehearse. You know Robert, he lives in the here and now and trys not to look back.
One thing Jimmys dig at him will not make Robert want to work with him any time soon. There goes any hope of some new music from Page/Plant :( but I'm still excited about the New Robert Album :)

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