Thursday, February 24, 2005

Customers and Paypal

We are running into a bit of a problem with some of our customers online in that they place an order and want to pay by Paypal, but do not have a Paypal account open. So we can not process the order unless we first get their payment. I email the customer letting them know of this and I do not hear back from them. So what exactly was their intention? Do a lot of people have trouble opening an account? I think they should at least email back letting me know what their intention/situation is. I can't save their order too long, so I give them another chance and let them know that if I do not hear from them that their order will be canceled.

So I updated the site with this on our About Us Page:

Please make sure that if you wish to pay by Paypal that you do have a Paypal account already opened. If you just opened a NEW Paypal account let us know this information by email. If you do not let us know and we do not get Paypal payment your order will be canceled. We have been getting orders where people want to pay by paypal, but do not have a paypal account opened so we can not process the order without payment.

Wonder if that will help some of the customers get a Paypal account prior to placing an online order.

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