Saturday, January 15, 2005

Zep Tribute Bands

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The originals themselves hail them as the best Led Zeppelin tribute band in the world. Michael White and the White, acknowledged as the best by both Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, will return to Abbotsford to continue their Zeppelin discography series tonight.

Now that's a cool endorsement! I wonder what the top (5) Zep tribute bands would be? I've never been lucky enough to see not even one!


GraffitiMal said...

I've seen Fred Zeppelin. they only play around central England as I'm sur ethey all live near where Planty comes from. They're pretty good, although their set list is 90% from the first 4 albums. If you get a chance to check them out, you won't be disappointed. Trust me, I'm a Brit.

Vee said...

I'd be nice if some of these tribute bands would try to do the later day albums, like Physical Graffiti, Prescence and In Through The Outdoors. It'd be so cool to here "The Rover" "In The Light" "Wanton" "Achilles" "For Your Life" "I'm gonna Crawl" just to name a few. So I take it Fred Zepps set list is like:
Heartbreaker, Ramble On, Over the hills and far away, The rain song, Stairway, How many more times, celebration day, Immigrant song, black dog, rock n roll and kashmir?????

GraffitiMal said...

The only number Fred Zep play from " Graffiti" is " Custard Pie". From " Presence" they play "NFBM", but nothing at all from ITTOD.

They played " Thank You" as well as "The Lemon Song "and Bring It On Home" and "Whole Lotta Love" and " WIAWSNB" from LZ2. They also did " We're gonna Groove", " D&C" and " The Ocean", in addition to the songs you listed.

A good set and really well played and sung but it was as if they didn't want to attempt much after LZ4.

Maybe they'll alter their set as time goe sby...It would be fantastic to hear someone play " The Rover".

Vee said...

Well that's a pretty good set list....question did the Plant guy really sound like Robert??