Thursday, January 27, 2005

Plant Feeling 'Mighty' with Strange Sensation

Yahoo! News - Plant Feeling 'Mighty' with Strange Sensation

LONDON (Billboard) - Robert Plant will release his first album for Sanctuary, "Mighty Rearranger," on April 25 in the U.K. North American release plans are not yet finalized, according to a Sanctuary spokesperson.

Credited to Plant and his current band the Strange Sensation, "Mighty Rearranger" is his first studio work since 2002's "Dreamland." The first U.K. single from the riff-laden 12-track set is "Shine It All Around."

I heard the album was going to be called "Tribes". I know with "Dreamland" it had another title "Head First" before it morphed into "Dreamland"

Lucky U.K. get it before us, but that's to be expected. Let's hope we don't have to wait long to get our piece of Robert :)

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