Friday, January 28, 2005

Led Zeppelin's rocking legacy

Led Zeppelin's rocking legacy

There are bands that have rocked harder and faster, but none can measure up to the gods of rock and roll: Led Zeppelin. Jimmy Page’s classically trained guitar playing, Robert Plant’s vocal and lyrical skills, John Paul Jones’s bass and John Bonham’s drums have been influential to countless bands throughout the years.

Ooh yeah, but we knew this much :) Zep rules!!

If you go to the link, you will see a drawing of the boys....I have to say whoever drew this didn't get an "A" for trying to draw Robert...I mean pleeeeeease, Robert doesn't look like THAT!! He did do a good job on John Paul Jones. Bonzo looks too chinese and Jimmy well doesn't look quite like Jimmy....why am I picking on this drawing, um because I've seen much better drawings, but it does represent them except for Robert of course doesn't look nothing like that!! Maybe it was just a joke?? LOL!!

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