Sunday, January 09, 2005

Jimmy Page 61

Slap me silly, I got so carried away yesterday with this blog and forgot to wish Jimmy Page a happy birthday....oh my!!

I still can't believe he is in his 60's, looks pretty good and is the only 60 something guy that I would want to do anything with. Imagine being that old and having tons of girls of all ages drooling still.

Jimmy forgive me....but Happy Belated Birthday to the one and only "magic fingers of the electric guitar". Robert Plant said that once, the part about magic finger of the electric guitar or something along those lines, but I forget what concert (boot) it was. Does anyone know?


Anonymous said...

This is I'm posting anonymously til I figure out how to work this site.

Oh JIMMY.....Happy Belated B-day. I forgot to post your silly little song, so Happy really belated b-day.

Vee said...

Hi Vonda...hey Jimmy girl glad you finally got your tush in here and posted something :)

You can post like you just did anonymous and just sign your post at the end, I'll know it's you, my Jimmy girly friend :)