Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Grim Case M. Jackson

Oh it's looking more and more like it's curtains for Michael Jackson. Read the story here:
I've always thought he's guilty, I mean he is just sooooo weird!! Wonder if the trial will be on TV like O.J's


GraffitiMal said...

The real Michael Jackson was abducted by aliens in 1989. This imposter was manufactured in a secret Government laboratory using Barbie & Ken leftovers and is now 10 years after it's shelflife.

We never get to see live trials in England. Pity.

Vee said...

So that explains it, abducted by aliens, LOL. He's one freaky looking/acting dude. I hate his make-up yuk!! does he still have that pet chimp?

You might get to see something, oh that is if England gets these channels:

Jackson Prosecutors Want Courtroom Open

Jury selection is set to begin January 31.
Whether the judge agrees to open the courtroom or not, E! Entertainment announced plans to air daily reenactments of the proceedings, according to the AP. The cable network will air half-hour dramatizations of the previous day's trial as a reaction to Superior Court Judge Rodney Melville's refusal to let cameras into the courtroom. Unknown actors will portray the principals in the case.

Oh well enough of Michael..

GraffitiMal said...

Over here in England soccer fans who support a London team called West Ham United used to sing an old song called " When I'm Blowing Bubbles". They stopped when Wacko jacko got that chimp with that name.

Vee said...

LOL, smart move. I would have changed that song immediately!