Friday, January 07, 2005

Classic Bands That Come To Mind

In the world of Classic Rock when you think of all the cool bands that make up this category of music the 1st ones that come to mind right away to me are Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Black Sabbath, The Who, The Rolling Stones, and Jimi Hendrix, after that then I think about the other bands like AC/DC, Creem, Queen, Bad Company etc....speaking of which Paul Rodgers singing Queen songs?? I just can't picture it, I mean Paul has a nice soulful voice, but hardly a Freddy Mercury. I'm really curious as to what they will sound like, especially Paul trying to sing some of Freddy's songs. What about when they go on tour, Paul doesn't have the stage presence that Freddy had, so it will be interesting to see how everyone views this tour.


GraffitiMal said...

Let's not forget Deep Purple ( In Rock, Machine Head, Made In japan ) or Free ( Tons Of Sobs, Fire & Water, " Live Free ")or Nazareth ( Razamanazz ).

There are some I wish I damned well could forget, like Genesis, ELP, Yes or Jethro Dull.

Vee said...

That's funny Jethro Dull, LOL. You know though Jethro Tull in the early days was quite bluesy and good. I do like some Tull. Didn't Led Zep have some kind of rivalry with them in the early days?

Anonymous said...

i think as long as he doesn't try to be freddy it will all be good. i'm a huuge bad company fan, and somewhat of a queen fan, so i think it will be neat. no one can top freddy, so it'll just be a nice continuance i guess you could say. xoxo emily

Vee said...

I'm more of a Bad Company fan than a Queen fan too.

GraffitiMal said...

Paul Rodgers will do a superb job on whatever Queen songs they play. I know what you mean about his stage presence though....he's hardly likely to camp it up in a glam styley like ol Fred.

Think I'll go see them if they're playing anywhere near me.

Anonymous said...

Von here, tearin the blog board up today...hehe. CLassic Rock bands that come to mind...gees it kinda depends on your neck of the woods as well. I mean I also tend to think right off British Invasion...Beatles, Stones, Hendrix, Zep, the MIGHTY Zep...The doors, Queen were great with Freddie, even is noone had their gaydar on for several He had a great stage precense and voice to go with..but just digging thu stacks of albums...Average white band, rare earth, Foghat, The Guesswho (do they for SURE, The Animals, The Yardbirds. John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers,Cream,AcDc which I still like. Black Sabbath for sure...Iron Maiden came along sometime in there. Man I gotta get off the I just want my Jimmy to get back to making music. Just one new all original Bluesy album. JIMMY ARE U LISTENING?

Vee said...

You forgot THE WHO, The Kinks, who else was from that British Invasion early years? But yeah the mightiest is Zep...Stones and Beatles also stayed BIG

Ha..I remember the Average White Band, that song pick up the pieces or it had those lyrics in it. I love the Guess Who, love his voice.

Hey who did the song "Green eyed lady passion lady" anyone know? I like that song and more, you who else I love is Donovan.

Jeff Beck with Rod Stewart in the early days were good, they even did a You Shook Me that wasn't bad, but Robert is KING way better than Rod could ever crow.

I'm with you Vonda in that Jimmy should get his little butt in gear and make some of that cool music we all love, I'd love a blues album, but I would also love him to do some really hard rock power rock too. Come on Jimmy get in that studio NOW!!!

GraffitiMal said...

Blimey, nobody's mentioned The Man Who Fell To Earth, with different coloured eyes.

I don't suppose he counts as a classic rock band as such, however.

GraffitiMal said...

Oppps...forgot to comment about Jimmy coming out of retirement.

Well, you know, he did produce a great power rock album in 1992/3 with pretty David Coverdale and his tight pants, but hardly anyone bought it and only Japan wanted to pay to see them live.

I somehow can't seea 61 year old with a sporadic/intermittent recording and touring career( for the past 25 years )suddenly becoming keen to hit the road for 9 months, hammering out riff based kamikaze dizzbusters.

Sorry to appear negative. Vee knows my thoughts about this as as well as anyone.

Vee said...

The Man Who Fell To Earth, Bowie, he's Glam Rock. I saw that movie when it was out, can't even remember what it was about, LOL!! My fave movie is TSRTS ha, but you knew that already!!

I have always liked Jimmy and Coverdale's CD, it really rocked!! I love hearing Robert do Coverdale's song..."shake my tree" very cool version.

You know the Japanese peeps want to see anyone, they love everyone, but I would have wanted to see Jimmy and Coverdale, I think that show would have been a blast!! One thing for sure it got Plant out of hiding, heeheheheee!

Jimmy doesn't have to tour a big tour just a few dates pleeeeeese so at least I CAN SEE HIM PlAY hmmm???, LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I never ment for Jimmy to actually tour, I just said put out an album! I've seen him, of course not that I wouldn't mind seeing him again, and again and....

However I KNOW that isn't likely. There were so many great musicians and groups to come out of the 60's/70's, and not saying there weren't great ones from earlier, hell that's where rock-n-roll started. Hell I like "Looking Glass" and I'm pretty sure they only had the ONE The Doobie Brothers, Simon and Garfunkle..ohhh the one group I absolutely HATE, but know every damn word to every song, at least when they come on the radio..because I don't own one single I can hear everyone going WHAT?!?! lol I seriously can't stand them and I don't know why...I think it's the singers voice or something..he sings a little toooo soprano if ya know what I mean ;-) Now what was this blog about originally? lol