Saturday, January 29, 2005

Billy Idol Advice

Billy was a guest on four Canadian radio stations on March 25th

Billy was dressed in black & was wearing
one of his favourite colognes, L’Ombre dans L’eau.
He was in great spirits & received many comments about
how well he was looking.
Of course one of the questions he was asked is
‘what had he been doing for the last 10 years’, to which he replied…
‘masturbating!’ in a very deep voice, which of course prompted
lots of laughter.
He also mentioned that he had had a couple of children
& that his son was in his own band now, called Lucas.
Asked if he had any advice to them, or other kids starting out in the music business,
Billy replied that they must always be
‘true to themselves’ & always ‘play from the heart’

Just like Billy to tell it like it is....once a punk always a punk!

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