Monday, October 10, 2005

Plant Has Brain Lapse

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Robert Plant had a brain lapse Thursday night at Nokia Theatre and mistakenly called his new CD Manic Nirvana – the title of an album he put out 15 years ago. More proof of an aging rock god living in the past? Hardly.

Mr. Plant built the show around songs from his strong new solo CD, Mighty Rearranger. The blazing riff-rock of "Freedom Fries" recalled mid-period Zeppelin.

And instead of trying to represent his entire career, he simply zeroed in on Zeppelin from 1969-'71 and songs from Mighty Rearranger. While that meant no "Kashmir" or "Big Log" or "Tall Cool One," it did leave time for stirring versions of Bob Dylan's "Girl From the North Country," Love's "Seven and Seven Is" and "Hey Joe."

At 57, Mr. Plant moves with the same flair he always has – twirling his mike stand, doing back bends and dancing like Elvis. "The hips are very important," he announced, mid-swivel.

Almost important are his trademark mane of blond ringlets, which he still tosses to and fro. Up close, he's as weathered as Mick Jagger – but from row HH, he's still the golden god of rock.

Don't panic Manic, it will be alright, so you forgot your new albums name...Mighty Rearranger in Plant's mind became Manic Nivana, he was thinking of Mmmms, wonder if he said oops afterwards :)
Plant will always be the "Golden God" no matter how old he gets! No one has ever come close to his persona IMHO.

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